15 Crazy and Over-The-Top Christmas Decorated Homes

Nothing gets people in the Christmas spirit more than homes bedecked with millions of feet of christmas lights, plastic reindeer, and occasionally the inflatable snowman. Many suburban families view this as some kind of yearly competition, to see which house in the neighborhood can be donned "the most festive home on the block." We've gathered the 15 craziest decked out homes and laid them all out here. Let us know what you think and which one YOU would pick as the winner!

1. The Gates of Heaven

These golden and glistening gates are sparkling with lights - no need for street lamps on this street! (or this entire city!)

2. Toys, Toys, Toys
Step back Santa's Workshop - this yard is coming after you!

3. The Classic​
Step back Santa's Workshop - this yard is coming after you!

4. White Castle
This white winter wonderland makes this house look like a castle during Christmas time!

5. Taste the Rainbow​
This family wanted to be festive and incorporate every color of the rainbow! Kind of intergalactic.

6. The Tree​
There is nothing like a bright green Christmas tree that says... well, Christmas.

7. Lights, Lights, and More Lights!​
This can be seen from outer space.

8. Angel House​
Hark the Herald Angels Sing!... on the roof of this house!

9. Joy to the World​
Wishing joy to the astronauts up above!

10. Christmas Star​
With peppermints, elves, snowmen, and that STAR - this house is definitely one to remember!

11. The Snowman​
This sexy snowman wants you to join the Christmas party!

12. Flying Reindeer​
Defying the laws of gravity and creating an incredible display!

13. The Christmas House​
This house calls itself "The Christmas House," and for a good reason!

14. The Snow Lights
This house knew they would be getting snow this winter, and decided to light it up from underneath!

15. NOEL​
A perfect Christmas archway to welcome you home as you drive into the garage! 

There you have it! Make sure to let us know which one you think is the winner!


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